The northern end of 34 km long Foochow Beach terminates at the mouth of North East Inlet on Tasmania's Flinders Island, located in Bass Strait. This view shows Foochow Beach to the left, the beach named after the still visible wreck of the City of Foochow in 1877. This northern section of the beach and barrier is cut by overwash shutes and fronted by a rip dominated surf zone. To the right is the curving reflective Holloway Beach, which is bounded by Carboniferous granite headlands. The island has 235 km of shoreline containing 134 beaches, of which Foochow is the longest. Much of the island is reserves and national park mixed with sheep farming and fishing. It has a total population of only 800. (Photo and text by A.D. Short, Coastal Studies Unit, School of Geosciences, University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia)

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