Donoghue and Parkinson present three concerns regarding our article: (1) the temporal and geographic limitations of the tide-gauge data, (2) the inadequacy of tide-gauge data to represent future conditions, and (3) ice-sheet meltwater volume.

Before responding to each of these issues, we note that our emphasis was to accurately characterize U.S. and global tide-gauge recordings during the 20th century, rather than to either project into the future or to speculate as to the causes.

Unfortunately, it appears that Donoghue and Parkinson (hereafter D&P) did not read our article sufficiently to grasp its scope or intent. For example, in discussing gauges selected for analysis, they state “The gauge locations were only in the United States.” However, even as indicated in the title of our article, in addition to the U.S. data analysis, we analyzed global data sets, including those of Church and White (C&W; 2006) and a more recent set posted...

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