The Coast of Australia A.D. Short and C.D. Woodroffe, 2009. Cambridge University Press, 288 p. ISBN: 9780521696173, paperback ($US 27.00) and hard cover.

For those coastal researchers wishing to know something about the Australian coastline, this is the book to have. The book is very handsomely prepared with color pictures or illustrations on nearly every page. The landscape page layout lends itself well to the numerous illustrations, most of which are specially prepared for this book. Most of the photographs were taken by the authors and are excellent examples of the topic at hand.

The book starts out in the usual manner by providing background information about the evolution of the Australian coast, descriptions and explanations of coastal processes, and introductions to coastal ecosystems. With that background well presented in the first three chapters, the authors then move into descriptions of Australian coastal types grouped and organized in Chapter 4...

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