Dong, S.; Tao, S.; Lei, S., and Guedes Soares, C., 2013. Parameter estimation of the maximum entropy distribution of significant wave height.

This paper compares the estimation of the four parameters of the maximum entropy distribution by different methods and applies them in two test cases with significantly different characteristics of variability. The moment method and the maximum likelihood method for the maximum entropy distribution with four parameters are formulated in the paper. These methods are compared with the moment method for the maximum entropy distribution with three parameters and an empirical curve-fitting method, both of which have been used earlier. These four estimation methods are applied to two test cases. One consists of hindcast wave heights at Weizhoudao hydrological station in the northern area of the South China Sea, which is subject to typhoon type of events. The other data set is hindcast wave heights at a location in the North Atlantic Ocean, which is subject to frequent storm weather. The maximum likelihood and the empirical methods appear to provide the most consistent results.

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