Liu, B.; Jeng, D.S., and Zhang, J.S., 2014. Dynamic response in a porous seabed of finite depth to combined wave and current loadings.

In this study a u-p approximation for the dynamic response of a porous seabed to nature dynamic loadings is proposed. Unlike most previous research, the effects of currents are considered in the new analytical solution. Based on the numerical examples, the significant influence of combined wave and current loadings on seabed response in shallow water is concluded. This influence affects not only the amplitudes of the seabed response but also the distributions of the space region. The relative difference of the maximum pore pressure between different direction currents can reach 8% of the static water pressure. In addition, the relative difference of maximum liquefaction depth between the previous model (without currents) and the present model can reach 19% of the maximum liquefaction depth of the case without currents.

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