Hwang, S.W.; Choi, K.H.; Hwang, H.; Kim, C.K., and Lee, T.W., 2015. Migration history and habitat use by Javelin goby Synechogobius hasta as inferred from otolith Sr : Ca ratios.

The habitat use and migration of Javelin goby Synechogobius hasta that were collected from the estuaries of the Geum River and the Mangyeong River of Korea were examined on the basis of the environmental signature of otolith strontium and calcium concentrations determined by laser ablation–inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry. The otolith Sr : Ca ratios suggested that S. hasta spawned in brackish water, and inhabited a broad range of salinities, including seawater, brackish water, and freshwater, during their lifetime. The migration histories of S. hasta were highly variable within habitats, indicating flexible movement patterns that permit use of the full range of salinity throughout their lifetime.

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