Chun, I.; Lim, H.S.; Shim, J.S., and Park, K.S., 2015. Numerical analysis of the performance of perforated coastal structures under irregular wave conditions.

A numerical and experimental study was performed to investigate the wave control characteristics of general perforated harbor structures under irregular wave conditions. A numerical analysis using a boundary element method was applied to each of the regular wave components composing the irregular wave, and the results were linearly superimposed under linear wave assumptions. The nonlinear friction term at the perforated walls was first linearized using the root mean square values of horizontal velocity components obtained through an iterative calculation. Hydraulic experiments were also performed for three different transmissive structures, and the results were compared with those of the numerical analysis. The numerical and experimental values of reflection and transmission coefficients generally agreed within an accuracy of 0.1. The numerical analysis was also applied to a nontransmissive structure with a single wave chamber from a previous experiment and showed good agreement with those experimental results.

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