Deng, H.; Zhang, Z.-H.; Gu, J.-N., and Liu, J.-B., 2016. Hydrodynamic pressure field caused by a ship sailing near the coast.

Based on the shallow-water wave-potential flow theory and the assumption of a slender ship, a mathematical model, whose dispersion relation is improved, has been established for the ship hydrodynamic pressure field (SHPF), which is suitable for a wider speed range. The finite difference method is used for calculating the SHPF, and the artificial viscous terms are added in the boundary conditions to ensure the stability of the nonlinear equation solution. The comparison between the calculated results and the experimental ones shows that the calculation method is feasible and the improved mathematical model is more accurate and effective. The calculation and analysis of the SHPF caused by ships deviating from the channel centre line or sailing near the coast in shallow water indicate that the narrower the distance between the ship and the coastal sidewall the greater will its effects be on the coast, the seabed, and the coastal architecture around the ship at the subcritical speed, which will cause effects on the coast, seabed, and coastal architectures of a wider water area behind the ship to a large extent at supercritical speed.

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