Tano, R.A.; Aman, A.; Kouadio, K.Y.; Toualy, E.; Ali, K.E., and Assamoi, P., 2016. Assessment of the Ivorian coastal vulnerability.

Climate change and variability of associated factor, such as sea-level rise, could increase exposure of the Gulf of Guinea coastal area to coastal erosion and inundation. The processes (relative sea-level rise, tidal range, and wave height) and state factors (geomorphology, coastal slope, and coastline change rate) have been analyzed to evaluate the vulnerability index of the Ivorian coastal area. This study area was divided into three zones based on geomorphology. A coastal vulnerability index (CVI) was computed for each zone according to six factors describing its variability. Results indicate that the entire Ivorian coastal zone falls into a moderate-risk category. The relative vulnerability of the different sections depends strongly on the geomorphology and on wave energy factors. This vulnerability increases spatially westward taking account of their CVI values. The CVI will undoubtedly increase with predicted sea-level rise. The result of this study could provide wide coastal information to coastal managers and Ivorian government coastal people and help to protect the coastal ecosystem.

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