Wang, Z.; Tang, Y.; Feng, H.; Zhao, Z., and Liu, H., 2017. Model test for lateral soil resistance of partially embedded subsea pipelines on sand during large-amplitude lateral movement.

The lateral soil resistance exerted on partially embedded pipes during large-amplitude lateral movement is the key parameter for the analysis of controlled lateral buckling attributable to axial compressive thermal stress. A series of large-scale model tests were performed to investigate the responses of pipe segment with different initial pipe embedment and different pipe weight during large-amplitude lateral movement. The lateral and vertical displacement and lateral soil resistance were measured during the test. The test results showed that breakout resistance and the trajectories of model pipe depend on initial pipe embedment and pipe weight; however, residual resistance is influenced only by pipe weight. In addition, the lateral soil resistance is idealized to two types of the lateral soil-resistance models on the basis of different initial embedment depth, namely the trilinear and quadlinear soil-resistance models, for deeper and shallower initial pipe embedment, respectively. A modified formula is presented to calculate breakout resistance. Finally, according to the failure mechanism of pipe soil interaction during lateral movement, a new formula for predicting residual resistance has been developed. The predicted results are well fitted with test results.

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