Aragonés, L.; López, I.; Villacampa, Y., and Navarro-González, F.J., 2017. Using the presence of seagrass Posidonia oceanica to model the equilibrium profile parameter A of sandy beaches in Spain.

The study of equilibrium profile is a fundamental concept in beach morphodynamics and necessary in the design of nourishment. For this reason, it is important to introduce new modelling methodologies that are capable of analysing its behaviour. The aim of the research was to generate mathematical models for obtaining parameter A of the potential function, which describes the equilibrium beach profile on the coast of Valencia and Alicante, using only those variables that are easy to obtain. The presence of Posidonia oceanica in the study area was also taken into account, and on the basis of that, the energy reduction coefficient (Kv) was included as an independent variable in the models. To select the optimal model, the volume error, root mean-square error, mean error, and relative error percentage have been used. Finally, the sensitivity of the models against small perturbations in the independent variables was studied and the models were validated with experimental data obtained from a set of beaches with similar characteristics located outside the study area.

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