Chun, H. and Suh, K.-D., 2017. Analysis of longshore currents with an Eulerian nearshore currents model.

In the present study, longshore currents are analyzed with the three-dimensional nearshore currents model in the Eulerian framework. It was found that the model was reduced to the classical one-dimensional longshore currents model for a long, straight, uniform coast, which could also be obtained from the Lagrangian nearshore currents model. It indicates that the longshore current velocities calculated by the Eulerian and Lagrangian models are equivalent to each other for a long, straight, uniform coast. In addition, it was shown that longshore currents with a parabolic vertical profile could be reproduced by the wave–current interaction term in the model. The analysis has been confirmed by the numerical experiments on DUCK94. According to the numerical experiment, the depth-averaged velocities from the present numerical model were consistent with those of one-dimensional longshore currents model at a significance level of 0.05. The present numerical model successfully predicted the parabolic profile of longshore currents outside the surf zone. However, the parabolic profile of longshore currents inside the surf zone was not shown in the present numerical results.

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