Gong, J.; Li, Y.; Jiang, F.; Hong, Z., and Yu, D., 2020. Maneuvering simulation and study on the effect of hull attitude on maneuverability of trimarans by OpenFOAM. Journal of Coastal Research, 36(1), 157–173. Coconut Creek (Florida), ISSN 0749-0208.

Based on open-source code OpenFOAM, the turn and zigzag maneuvers of the trimaran with hull attitude free and fixed are simulated at different Froude numbers in calm water. By the simulation results, the effect of hull attitude on the maneuver characteristics of the trimaran is analyzed and discussed. Two trimaran models are used in this paper for simulation. First, the grid uncertainty test about the turn and zigzag maneuver in calm water is carried out, and the computed results of turn and zigzag maneuvers in calm water are compared with the experimental results to validate the numerical method. Then, the simulation result with free hull attitude is compared with that with fixed hull attitude. The result demonstrates that the hull attitude has significant effect on the maneuverability of the trimaran, especially when the Froude number gets larger and the longitudinal position of the side hulls is in the middle of the center hull.

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