Al-Aesawi, Q.; Al-Nasrawi, A.K.M., and Jones, B.G., 2020. Short-term geoinformatics evaluation in the Shatt Al-Arab delta (northwestern Arabian/Persian Gulf). Journal of Coastal Research, 36(3), 498–505. Coconut Creek (Florida), ISSN 0749-0208.

Riverine deltas are records of past hydrosedimentary conditions, in conjunction with nearshore tidal and wave dynamics. Within recent human developments, these variables have been affected by increased global warming as well as anthropogenic modifications on the feeder catchment, the delta itself, and the active/discharge channel. This paper investigates the recent (1971–2016) changes at the mouth of the Shatt Al-Arab delta, which includes migration of the navigation channel to inside the Iraqi border. Farther upstream, the channel is migrating toward the Iranian side. A mapping study was conducted with new data obtained from bathymetric surveys as used in the digital shoreline analysis system in GIS applications. The results highlight significant changes regarding the shoreline positions and rates of erosion and sediment accumulation. Additionally, mapping the coastal dynamics has revealed significant shoreline migration with differences between the left and right sides of the river mouth and an increased salinity intrusion up the channel. The effect of these findings could potentially affect the classification of the river mouth, changing it from delta to estuary and affect the international demarcation border.

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