Guo, Q.; Zhang, J.; Hu, Z., and Zhou, Z., 2020. Hydrochemical and isotopic evolution of groundwater flowing downstream of the Daqing River (Liaodong Bay, China). Journal of Coastal Research, 36(3), 608–618. Coconut Creek (Florida), ISSN 0749-0208.

Hydrochemistry and specific environmental isotope ratios (δD, δ17O, and δ18O) were employed to investigate the hydrochemical and isotopic characteristics of groundwater in the downstream coastal plain of the Daqing River, China. The relative abundance of the major cations and anions of groundwater along the Daqing River changed from Ca2+, Mg2+ to Na+, Ca2+ and from to Cl, respectively. The samples, divided into different groups on the basis of correlation coefficients, showed that the chemical composition of the groundwater samples near the Daqing River is approximately consistent with that of the Daqing River. The saturation indices calculated by PHREEQC software indicated that the main hydrogeochemical processes are evaporation and concentration along groundwater flow paths from the upper zone to the middle zone of the Daqing River basin. However, in the down zone, calcite, anhydrite, and dolomite become supersaturated. Isotopic data reveal that the groundwater is affected by the strong evaporation along the Daqing River. In the down zone of the Daqing River, the groundwater is polluted by the seawater.

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