Zheng, S. and Sha, J., 2020. Path optimum algorithm for container-integrated scheduling under dynamic mode in port terminals worldwide. Journal of Coastal Research, 36(4), 885–895. Coconut Creek (Florida), ISSN 0749-0208.

Optimizing container-integrated scheduling under dynamic mode in container ports worldwide is important during the transition of container terminals from traditional to automated management, which includes their transformation and upgrade, and it is important for the improvement of yard efficiency. Given the approach sequence and departure sequence of containers, with the objective of minimizing the number of container relocations in the process of container location selection, this problem can be described as a nondeterministic polynomial hard (NP-hard) problem. In order to obtain practical and instructive conclusions, this paper investigates both the approach and the departure problems of containers. On this basis, the simultaneous approach and departure of containers a re considered in dynamic mode, and a path optimum algorithm (POA) of container-integrated scheduling is proposed. This algorithm considers the different influences of the priority of containers, the movement of obstructive containers, and the Manhattan distance of gantry cranes on the model; moreover, it sets the promotion of container yard overall efficiency as the ultimate goal and analyzes the operation process from a more practical standpoint, in line with real-life production. Finally, this paper proposes a generic strategy for container-integrated scheduling, which provides a theoretical basis for container port operators worldwide to allocate and optimize port resources, and provides concrete guidance for operation rules.

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