Guo, H.; Bahrian, F.; Zhang, W.; Sun, C., and Hu, J., 2021. Large eddy simulation of wake formation around a free surface–piercing circular cylinder. Journal of Coastal Research, 37(1), 132–142. Coconut Creek (Florida), ISSN 0749-0208.

Numerical simulation of flow past a free surface–piercing circular cylinder using large eddy simulation was performed at Reynolds number Re = 2.7 × 104 and Froude number Fr = 0.8. Commercially available code in ANSYS Fluent was used to investigate the free surface and underlying vortical structures. The dynamic Smagorinsky subgrid-scale model and volume of fluid method for capturing the free surface were used in the simulation. The mean velocities and interface height from the simulation are in good agreement with the available experimental data. The organized Karman vortex generation in deep flow was found to attenuate near the free surface. The overall force developed on the cylinder also decreased due to the presence of the free surface. The simulation shows that the vortical structures present in the flow correlate with the mean parameters of the free surface. Vorticity magnitude and Reynolds shear stress were found to show significantly different behavior close to the free surface as compared to that in deep flow.

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