Wang, M.-F., 2022. Proposing a new oceanic culture-based creative product design method to construct and deconstruct products of the Austronesian Aborigines. Journal of Coastal Research, 38(2), 458–470. Coconut Creek (Florida), ISSN 0749-0208.

The old concepts of both Chinese and Western philosophies concerning the deconstruction and construction of people, matters, time, places, objects, and phenomena appear to be overly theoretical in terms of modern research. There are always some gaps between the concept and practice, which prevent the solution of the crucial problems that designers encounter when deconstructing and constructing culture. Laozi's philosophy can contribute to the different cognition of culture in various aspects; therefore, this study proposes the theory of an oceanic culture-based creative product design method by introducing philosophical and mathematical methods, and applying the concept of an oceanic culture-based creative product design method to deconstruct and construct cultural elements, as well as implementing the design of the Austronesian aborigines cultural and creative products with form construction, fuzzy evaluation, and the Attract, Converse, Transact (A.C.T.) model. The study aims to solve the problems designers encounter during oceanic culture-based creative product design by utilizing the design mode to transform the culture into products step by step, and implementing the production process into actual practice. For obtaining better accuracy, the questionnaire in this study was completed by Taiwanese people, Tao residents living on Orchid Island, professional designers, and design exhibitions audience. With a high satisfaction rating, the pepper salt jar, designed by means of the method purposed in this study, was proved to have met its target. To sum up, the design method purposed by this study was not only verified as a useful and efficient technique for oceanic culture-based creative product design, but also for enhancing the efficiency of both design and product development.

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