Helm, C.W.; Carr, A.S.; Cawthra, H.C.; De Vynck, J.C.; Dixon, M.; Stear, W.; Stuart, C.; Stuart, M., and Venter, J.A., 2022. Possible Pleistocene pinniped ichnofossils on South Africa's Cape south coast. Journal of Coastal Research, 38(4), 735–749. Coconut Creek (Florida), ISSN 0749-0208.

Exposed surfaces of cemented foreshore deposits and aeolianites on the Cape south coast of South Africa have been demonstrated to contain numerous Pleistocene vertebrate tracksites. Two ichnosites have recently been identified that appear to demonstrate traces made by seals. These would be the first seal trace fossils thus far described in the global fossil record. The sites are situated 560 m apart in the Goukamma Nature Reserve. One site exhibits apparent flipper traces and a furrow, and the other site exhibits impressions consistent with moulds of juvenile seals. In conjunction with new luminescence dating of the associated sediments, these findings suggest a seal presence on Cape south coast beaches ∼75,000 years ago in the mild glacial period of Marine Isotope Stage 5a.

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