Kim, Y.-j. and Yoon, J.-s., 2023. Shoreline variation prediction of the Jeongdongjin Sea area considering effective sediment volumes. Journal of Coastal Research, 39(1), 154–166. Charlotte (North Carolina), ISSN 0749-0208.

The coastal erosion in the East Sea region of Korea has been increasing because of the imbalance in the effective sediment volume and sediment transport from coasts and rivers, which causes intermittent erosion and sedimentation. The accurate prediction of the coastal sediment budget is an extremely difficult task because the sediment transport mechanism on the coast is highly complex. Studies considering the effective sediment volume supplied through rivers remain limited, although many other studies have focused on identifying the characteristics of sediment transport on the east coast. The grain-size distribution of the soil on the coast is considered the single-grain size (D50); however, the grain-size distribution of sediments flowing into and out of the coast and the topographical characteristics of the sea area need to be considered to predict shoreline variation with a high degree of accuracy. Thus, this study conducts in-depth analysis on the changing state of soil movement in wave-current co-existing fields (mountain, river, and coastal areas). The objective is to predict shoreline variation considering the environment of the Jeongdongjin Sea area by establishing a quantitative evaluation system of the effective sediment volume discharged from the area of river mouth bars. An effective sediment volume was evaluated using a sediment runoff model; the wave transformation for each survey line was calculated using SWAN to consider the wave characteristics acting on the sea area. The prediction performance was greatly improved by applying the mixed grain size to the soil in the sea area and by applying jetties to the reefs for upgrading the prediction of the shoreline variation.

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