Lee, B.W.; Baek, D.; Ha, T.; Lee, K.J., and Yoon, J.-S., 2023. Experimental study on hydrodynamic performance of partially perforated-wall caisson breakwaters designed for the southeast coast of Korea. Journal of Coastal Research, 39(1), 167–174. Charlotte (North Carolina), ISSN 0749-0208.

If a perforated wall is installed on the front and rear surfaces of the caisson, then it is possible to reduce the wave reflection and the discharge of wave overtopping caused by energy dissipation. Consequently, the energy dissipation helps reduce the transmitted wave and improve the stability of the breakwater. This paper discusses the hydraulic performance (i.e. the wave reflection, wave transmission, discharge of wave overtopping, and stability of breakwater) of four perforated breakwaters as measured by physical experiments in a wave flume. The irregular wave was generated by the wave condition of the target site. Three breakwaters were designed: a perforated wall with a single chamber for a 50-year return period and two perforated walls with double chambers for a 100-year return period. Based on experimental results, the breakwater with a double chamber showed the best performance of 0.612, 0.102, and 0.076 m3/(m · s) for the reflection, transmission coefficient, and overtopping discharge, respectively. In particular, in the stability experiment of the armor units and perforated caissons, the breakwater with double chamber has not experienced any failure in any of the test cases.

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