Yang, L.; Wang, C.; Zhang, S.; Gu, H.; Thiruvenkataswamy, K.; Cheng, L., and Lin, P., 2023. Using coastal reservoirs for a sustainable freshwater supply: Feasibility study in Ningbo, China. Journal of Coastal Research, 39(4), 712–721. Charlotte (North Carolina), ISSN 0749-0208.

In 2020, there was a very serious shortage of freshwater during the dry season in Ningbo, China. Aiming to solve this problem, methods to address the shortage by coastal reservoir development are proposed in this paper. According to the analysis of annual rainfall, extreme rainfall, total amount of freshwater resources, and water supply, Ningbo is not short of freshwater resources, but it is short of available freshwater. Based on the characteristics of river basins and landforms, the types of coastal reservoirs that could be built were analyzed. Results show that the northeastern plain area is suitable for construction of tidal flat reservoirs and river mouth reservoirs, and Xiangshan Port and Sanmenwan river basin are suitable for construction of river mouth reservoirs, estuarine reservoirs, and combined river reservoirs.

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