Gayathri, R.; Ranga Rao, V.; Damodara Rao, V., and Kumaresan, D., 2020. A 3D numerical modelling study on temperature and salinity structure along coastal waters of Kochi during northeast monsoon In: Sheela Nair, L.; Prakash, T.N.; Padmalal, D., and Kumar Seelam, J. (eds.), Oceanic and Coastal Processes of the Indian Seas. Journal of Coastal Research, Special Issue No. 89, pp. 32-38. Coconut Creek (Florida), ISSN 0749-0208.

The coastal waters of Kochi are one of the marine ecosystems with high anthropogenic influence. The land based influx through the inlets influence the abundance and the dynamics of the nutrients. As the advection and the mixing of the nutrients are governed by the hydrodynamics of the region, a 3D model was setup to investigate the dynamics of various hydrographical parameters such as flow field, temperature, salinity, and density, during the Northeast monsoon. MIKE-3D model successfully captured the near shore dynamics and advection-dispersion of the temperature and salinity. The model results and the field observation were within comparable limits, indicating an acceptable model configuration. The results pointed out that the wind stress and the tides were the dominating mechanisms in determining the circulation characteristics. The influence of tidal currents in dispersing the land based inputs was evident from the simulations. Moreover, the model setup was able to capture the variability and the vertical distribution of temperature and salinity.

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