Cho, M.; Yoon, H.-D.; Do, K.; Son, S., and Kim, I.–H., 2019. Comparative study on the numerical simulation o bathymetric changes under storm condition. In: Lee, J.L.; Yoon, J.-S.; Cho, W.C.; Muin, M., and Lee, J. (eds.), The 3rd International Water Safety Symposium. Journal of Coastal Research, Special Issue No. 91, pp. 106-110. Coconut Creek (Florida), ISSN 0749-0208.

Topographic changes in the nearshore mainly occur in strong storm condition. To understand bathymetric changes, attempts were made using several numerical models. Nowadays, Delft3D and XBeach are one of the most popular numerical models for predictions of morphodynamics in the nearshore. In this study, a comparative study of Delft3D and XBeach was performed to understand bathymetric changes under storm condition. The model parameters were calibrated with field observations. Storm surge and storm-induced wave field were re-created to simulate morphodynamics modelling. Bathymetric evolution, as well as shoreline changes were in a good agreement with field observations. BSS (Brier Skill Score) evaluation was applied to compare the accuracy of predictions of both models.

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