Yu, X.; Li, B.; Wang, T.; Liu, Y.; Zhan, C., and Cui, B., 2020. The horizontal and vertical distribution of nutrients and the potential eutrophication assessment in the Yellow River estuary in dry season. In: Zheng, C.W.; Wang, Q.; Zhan, C., and Yang, S.B. (eds.), Air-Sea Interaction and Coastal Environments of the Maritime and Polar Silk Roads. Journal of Coastal Research, Special Issue No. 99, pp. 208–213. Coconut Creek (Florida), ISSN 0749-0208.

Terrigenous nutrients discharged into seawater played an important role in controlling the marine primary productivity. Study on the horizontal and vertical distribution characteristics of nutrients was essential in eutrophication and sea-air exchange study. In this paper, the nutrient concentrations and their distribution in the surface microlayer and three sub-surface layers of the Yellow River estuary were measured. The horizontal and vertical distribution characteristic of nutrients was analyzed, so did the potential eutrophication assessment and the nutrient enrichment of the surface microlayer. The results showed that nutrient concentrations decreased from the estuary to the shore horizontally. NH4+-N and NO2--N increased vertically. NO3--N and PO43-P decreased vertically. Eutrophication occurred in the micro-layer and the sub-surfaces. The Yellow River estuary suffered an eutrophication outbreak risk. The enrichment of NH4+-N, NO3--N and NO2--N was significant in April 2018, nor did PO43--P.

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