Fan, C.; Gui, F.; Wang, L., and Zhao, S., . Evaluation of environmental quality based on remote sensing data in the coastal lands of eastern China.

Environment transformation is inevitable in the coastal lands of eastern China. It is a land characterized by rapid urbanization, which requires an objective method to evaluate environmental quality (EQ). In this study, a remote sensing–based theoretical research framework was used to create a synthetic remote sensing environmental index (RSEI). Then, spatio-temporal characteristics and transformation of EQ were evaluated by applying the RSEI to the coastal lands of Hangzhou Bay. Results demonstrated that: (1) the background value of the RSEI remained stable, but the standard deviation of the RSEI increased from 0.227 to 0.268 from 2000 to 2015; (2) the overall structure of EQ became polarized such that the two extreme grades (excellent and poor) increased by 13.000%; and (3) the lands where prominent EQ changes occurred were in Yinzhou (improvement) and Pinghu (degradation) in Hangzhou Bay.

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