Lucrezi, S., . Remote public engagement in coastal citizen science: A systematic scoping review.

Coastal monitoring and management can be enhanced by citizen science (CS), especially because Information and Communications Technology (ICT) enables remote public engagement in CS. To date, this type of engagement would benefit from a thorough investigation to highlight its supportive role to coastal CS, identify its unique challenges, and propose solutions and research avenues to sustain its development. A systematic scoping review and qualitative analysis of scientific papers (N = 53) described the state of the art in remote public engagement in coastal CS. The analysis revealed unique advantages of remote engagement in coastal CS, including flexibility, social inclusivity, and organised communication management. Challenges, mainly associated with technology, could be solved by simplifying interfaces to streamline communication and participation in CS. The review identified research gaps and confirmed the potentially positive contribution of remote engagement in coastal CS, which could enhance coastal monitoring, management, public participation, and stewardship.

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