Hwang, J.S.; Yun, H.S.; Suh, Y.C.; Lee, J., and Kang, S.C., 2014. Rip current research using a CCTV image analysis including swimmer detecting techniques at Haeundae Beach, Korea.

In this study, a rip current analysis method using images from a CCTV installed on a beach was investigated. A method that automatically calculates the absolute coordinates of a swimmer captured via CCTV by combining image recognition technology and single photo-based photogrammetry was developed, and a method by which the analysis of many calculated absolute coordinates could be used for the monitoring of rip current occurrence, studies on rip current occurrence trend, and the measurement of stream velocity at the surface of a rip current was suggested. The image captured during the occurrence of a rip current at Haeundae Beach was analyzed as an example. Based on this analysis, it was found that the method suggested in this study was appropriate for the research and monitoring of a rip current.

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