Hur, D.S.; Cho W.C.; Yoon, J.S.; Kim, I.H., and Lee, W.D., 2014. Control technologies in reducing rip currents around the open inlet between two submerged breakwaters.

In the present study, we investigated the flow generated around the open inlet between two submerged breakwaters installed at Songdo Beach, Busan, Korea. We also performed the numerical analysis on the characteristics of the rip current generated around the open inlet with various sizes and arrangements of the submerged breakwaters. Furthermore, based on the numerical results of this study, we suggested three technologies to control the rip current and applied these technologies around the submerged breakwaters to find out the effectiveness of the control technologies. From the numerical analysis, we found out that RCCT-3 (Rip Current Control Technology-3), which installs a drainage channel inside the submerged breakwater to reduce water surface elevation at the rear side of the submerged breakwater, is most effective in reducing the rip current around the open inlet.

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