Kuroiwa, M.; Shibutani, Y.; Yasumoto,; Mase, H, and Matsubara, Y., 2016. Applicability of 3D beach evolution model with wave-current interaction to river-mouth bar formation. In: Vila-Concejo, A.; Bruce, E.; Kennedy, D.M., and McCarroll, R.J. (eds.), Proceedings of the 14th International Coastal Symposium (Sydney, Australia). Journal of Coastal Research, Special Issue, No. 75, pp. 73–77. Coconut Creek (Florida), ISSN 0749-0208.

A coastal area model with wave-current interaction was presented, and then the performance and applicability of the numerical to morphodynamics around river mouths due to waves, wave-induced currents and river flows were investigated. First, model tests were carried out under a variety of wave and river discharge conditions to investigate their capability of predicting the formation of sand spit and terrace topographies. Second, model verification using a field site was conducted and the applicability was investigated. From the computed results, it was confirmed that the prediction of presented model had good qualitative agreement with an actual sand spit formation.

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