Shi, K.; Li, Z.; Yang, S.; He, S., and Zhang, H., 2018. A control method of demand response resources for economic dispatch based on temporal and spatial characters. In: Ashraf, M.A. and Chowdhury, A.J.K. (eds.), Coastal Ecosystem Responses to Human and Climatic Changes throughout Asia.

With the development of modern communication technology, advanced metering infrastructure, and phasor measurement unit, demand response (DR) has been applied in the modern power system. The DR resources have participated in the interaction regulations of the grid, especially in economic dispatch (ED). As well as the evolution of the electric power market and residential devices categories, ED with DR resource participating has become more different. This paper has focused on developing a control method for ED that combines several market participants, multitime scales of ED and multilevel ED architecture. The loads of major residential users' appliances are divided into four categories: (1) fixed loads, (2) regulatable loads, (3) deferrable loads, and (4) interruptible loads based on which coordinated strategy is developed. This paper has presented how to conduct a DR plan with multiple market participants and how to coordinate different types of residential loads participating ED. This paper has also investigated how the market participants set their decision models and how their DR profits are allocated. The simulations have been conducted on a MATLAB platform and verified that through the proposed control method, the scheduling centers have reduced dispatch cost. Load aggregators and residential users have gained their own profits as well.

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