Yan, F. and Wang, Y., 2018. Remediation of marine pollution by microorganisms in the comprehensive management of coastal zones. In: Ashraf, M.A. and Chowdhury, A.J.K. (eds.), Coastal Ecosystem Responses to Human and Climatic Changes throughout Asia.

Degradation characteristics of marine pollutants were studied in this paper. A microbial degradation agent for degradation of pollutants was developed and applied to a coastal bioremediation experiment. At the same time, the degradation of marine pollutants in intertidal and subtidal zones was investigated. The degradation rate of total alkane and total aromatic hydrocarbon was analyzed to evaluate the degradation effect. The results showed that the degrading bacteria group DC10 could degrade most of the alkanes and aromatics, and the degradation was significant in bioremediation experiments on a polluted coastal beach.

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