Wang, S.; Liu, D., and Wang, Z., 2018. Feature analysis and control method of seepage deformation of rock and soil in port and coast. In: Liu, Z.L. and Mi, C. (eds.), Advances in Sustainable Port and Ocean Engineering. Journal of Coastal Research, Special Issue No. 83, pp. 436–441. Coconut Creek (Florida), ISSN 0749-0208.

It is difficult to effectively reflect seepage deformation features and development process of rock and soil by detecting the seepage hazard of rock and soil and concentrated seepage channel using current seepage deformation feature analysis methods. It cannot directly evaluate the anti-seepage performance of coastal rock and soil. This paper presents a method for analysis and control of seepage deformation of rock and soil in port and coast. By determining the type of seepage deformation of soil and the critical hydraulic slope or the allowable hydraulic slope, it is determined whether the dam foundation is deformed due to seepage by the comparison between the critical hydraulic gradient and the actual hydraulic gradient, so as to develop a reasonable and effective control plan. The experimental results show that the proposed method can provide the theoretical basis for the construction of port and coast engineering, and seepage prevention and reduction for dam foundation.

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