Zhang, Z.; Zhao, J.; Cui, J., and Nie, H., 2018. Reliability analysis of logistics network of rail-sea intermodal transportation in internet of things environment. In: Liu, Z.L. and Mi, C. (eds.), Advances in Sustainable Port and Ocean Engineering. Journal of Coastal Research, Special Issue No. 83, pp. 823–827. Coconut Creek (Florida), ISSN 0749-0208.

The current method for the reliability analysis of the rail-sea intermodal transportation logistics network has the problem of low efficiency and high cost. This paper proposes a method of logistics network reliability analysis of rail-sea intermodal transportation based on EOQ in the Internet of things environment. Firstly, this method analyzed reliability index of sea-rail intermodal transportation logistics network and reliability requirement of sea-rail intermodal transportation network. Secondly, the method simply introduced the train operation plan of container train and the capability of material handling equipment. Finally, our method used the heuristic algorithm to compute the train operation plan of sea-rail intermodal transportation built by EOQ. Experimental result shows that the proposed method can reduce the cost of sea-rail intermodal transportation and improve the stability of intermodal transportation.

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