The FUDOTERAM is a national Canadian light detection and ranging (LIDAR) project founded by the Canadian Network of Excellence GEOmatics for Informed DEcision (GEOIDE) that investigates data fusion from airborne, marine, and terrestrial mapping sensors. In March 2009, the second Fusion des Données TERrestres, Aériennes et Marines (FUDOTERAM) workshop was held in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. The focus of the workshop was on international collaboration: Workshops can provide an international platform for sharing ideas and study results among academy, industry, mapping and charting organizations, and service providers. LIDAR work and research included data collected from seven different coastal areas in four nations. This special issue contains selected studies from the second FUDOTERAM workshop on LIDAR technology applied in coastal studies and management. Current studies in this special issue explore LIDAR processing in charting and mapping organizations, shoreline mapping, data integration, coastal processes and coastal management, and seafloor characterization.

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