Álvarez-Francoso, J.I.; Ojeda-Zújar, J; Díaz-Cuevas, P; Guisado-Pintado, E; Camarillo-Naranjo, J.M.; Prieto-Campos, A., and Fraile-Jurado, P., 2020. A specialized geoviewer and dashboard for coastal data visualization and exploration. In: Malvárez, G. and Navas, F. (eds.), Global Coastal Issues of 2020. Journal of Coastal Research, Special Issue No.95, pp. 1006–1010. Coconut Creek (Florida), ISSN 0749-0208.

Coastal management planning and decision making processes require geospatial data at high level of detail, which generates huge volumes of data. Besides, stakeholders need tools to integrate this information coming from a variety of sources (erosion, climate or ocean data, among others). These tools should help them to access and visualize information dynamically and interactively so they can understand, interpret and respond to multiple risks that would threaten coastal regions in order to prevent or mitigate the eventual environmental, social and economic loss. This paper presents the results of the development of a geoviewer designed to facilitate the access, visualization, exploration and dissemination of the results produced in the project entitled “Spatialisation and Web Dissemination of Erosion Vulnerability Indicators of Andalusian Beaches as a Touristic Resource”, supported by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness of Spain. The geoviewer has been entirely built using open source software and interoperable standard web services. It allows a multi-scale visualization and is a tool of great importance for the analysis and interpretation of coastal erosion rates for the entire Andalusian coast. It will be valuable to support decision making related to this key issue in the region.

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