Sogut, E. and Farhadzadeh, A., . Numerical study of longshore variation in beach morphodynamics along Eastern Lake Erie shoreline due to seiche.

Extreme coastal events and abrupt changes in atmospheric pressure in an enclosed or semi-enclosed basin can trigger low-frequency water surface oscillations known as seiches. This exploratory study numerically quantifies the effects of seiche on morphological changes along the eastern Lake Erie shoreline. The quantification is made by simulating the hydrodynamics of the lake using a coupled circulation and spectral wave model (ADCIRC+SWAN), providing the flow boundary conditions to the two-dimensional nearshore morphodynamic model, XBeach. The process-based XBeach model is used to simulate the nearshore morphological variations under two water-level conditions: the lake's actual water level and the synthetically generated seiche-free water level. The XBeach model is cross-calibrated using the process-based nearshore morphodynamic model, CSHORE, which was extensively validated using lab and field data. It is found that the seiching motions have a contribution of ∼1.5% to the erosion of beaches along the 2-km stretch of the shoreline in eastern Lake Erie shoreline.

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