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Research Article January 19 2022
Morphological Analysis of Barrier Islands in the Nakdong River Estuary, South Korea
Research Article January 19 2022
Monitoring the Monthly Expansion Pattern of Pioneer Vegetation in Tidal Flats Using a Terrestrial Laser Scanner
Research Article January 3 2022
Managing Saltwater Intrusion and Agricultural Practices along the Boğaçay River, Turkey: Effects from Excavation and Land Source Pollution
Research Article December 13 2021
Spatiotemporal Patterns of Leymus arenarius Nebkhas during Early Primary Succession on the Sub-Arctic Coastal Sand Plains of Iceland
Research Article December 8 2021
Applying Interactive Technology to Construct a Popular-Science Teaching Aid System for Protecting Cetaceans along Sea Coasts
Research Article December 6 2021
Interannual Spatial Variability of the Western Hemisphere Warm Pool and the Impacts on Marine Protected Areas in the Mexican Pacific
Research Article December 6 2021
Determining the Effects of Artificial Light at Night on the Distributions of Western Snowy Plovers (Charadrius nivosus nivosus) and California Grunion (Leuresthes tenuis) in Southern California
Research Article December 1 2021
Multiple-Criteria Decision-Making Attributes Approach for Carbon-Reduction Construction in Small Islands
Research Article November 12 2021
The Biodiversity of Epilithic Microalgal Communities Colonising a Central Mediterranean Coastline
Research Article November 4 2021
Spatio-Temporal Changes and Driving Force Analysis of Wetlands in Jiaozhou Bay
Research Article October 22 2021
A MAC Protocol for Underwater Sensor Networks Using Parallel Transmission Variable Time Slots
Research Article October 20 2021
Examining the Socioeconomic Benefits of Oysters: A Provisioning Ecosystem Service from the Mangroves of Guinea-Bissau, West Africa
Research Article October 20 2021
Determining the Effects of Salinity and Light on Key Ecophysiological Traits of Two Nonnative Mangrove Species in China
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