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Research Article May 31 2023
Reproducibility in Coastal Physical Laboratory Experiments: Washover Deposits and Channel Morphology
Research Article May 26 2023
Sea-Level Evidence for a Significant Reduction of the Laurentide Ice Sheet in MIS 3, Georgia Bight, Southeastern United States
Research Article May 26 2023
Physical Properties of Seawater in Malacca Strait (Southeast Asia) during Monsoon Seasons
Research Article May 22 2023
Sandy Beach Mapping using a Deep Learning Approach: Potential Method for Automated Monitoring of Algerian Coastal Erosion
Research Article May 11 2023
Sizing a Small Tidal Inlet for Restoration
Research Article May 10 2023
Impacts of Hurricane Isaias (2020) on Geomorphology and Vegetation Communities of Natural and Planted Dunes in North Carolina
Research Article May 3 2023
Effect of Different Drying Methods on the Nutritional, Functional, and Bioactive Properties of Gracilaria edulis and Ulva lactuca
Research Article April 21 2023
Characteristics and Influencing Factors of Internal Solitary Waves in the Penghu Channel Based on Satellite Remote Sensing
Research Article April 20 2023
Inbound Tourism Economy for Coastal Areas of China: Differences and Influencing Factors
Research Article March 27 2023
Barrier Island Reconfiguration Leads to Rapid Erosion and Relocation of a Rural Alaska Community
Research Article January 31 2023
Farming Practices and Environmental Quality of Integrated Mangrove-Shrimp Farming Systems in Tra Vinh Province, Vietnam
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