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Research Article July 12 2024
An Evaluation of the Bagnold (1956) Theories for Sediment Transport in Northumberland Strait, Canada
Research Article July 5 2024
Estuary Nitrate Sources and Trends in Buzzards Bay
Research Article June 25 2024
Managing for Sandy Coastal Habitat in SW Florida: Institutional Complexities Hinder Local Agencies’ Use of Best Practices
Research Article June 25 2024
Effects of the Block Island Wind Farm on Benthic and Epifaunal Communities
Research Article June 25 2024
Evaluation of Drainage Enhancement for Vegetation Recovery in New England Salt Marshes Using Public Domain, High-Resolution Aerial Imagery
Research Article June 3 2024
Analysis of Shoreline Change in Loíza, Puerto Rico (1902–2018)
review article May 23 2024
Beach Nourishment: A Critical Look
Research Article May 16 2024
Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi and Soil Fungi Associated with Uniola paniculata L. (Sea Oats) on Restored and Natural Sand Dunes on the Georgia Coast, U.S.A.
review article May 16 2024
Comparison of Coastal Geology and Subtropical Storms Impacting Taiwan and Mexico’s Baja California Sur Around the Tropic of Cancer in the Pacific Basin
Research Article April 30 2024
Evaluation of Maximum Entropy Models for Assessing Coastal Bird Distributions under Restoration Scenarios
Research Article April 23 2024
Impacts of Hurricane Ian along the Low-Lying Southwest Florida Coast (USA) in 2022: Lessons Learned
Research Article April 10 2024
Testing Digital Elevation Model of Difference (DoD) Estimation of Washover Fan Thickness, Matagorda Peninsula, Texas
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