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Research Article October 3 2022
Seasonal Morphological Variability on Estuarine Beaches and Implications for Low-Energy Beach Management
Research Article September 23 2022
Conceptualization of Sequential Cross-Shore Eco-Geomorphological Units in Topographic Profiles: Introduction and Application of Coastal Belt Archimorphs and Ideograms as Related to the BCCS (Biophysical Cross-Shore Classification System)
review article September 19 2022
Shoreline Retreat in California: Taking a Step Back
Research Article August 22 2022
Subsampling Large-Scale Digital Elevation Models to Expedite Geospatial Analyses in Coastal Regions
review article August 2 2022
Biological Flora of Coastal Wetlands: Sporobolus spartinus (Trin.) P.M. Peterson & Saarela
Research Article July 27 2022
Modal Analysis of the Wake Instabilities of a Propeller Operating in Coastal Environments
Research Article July 25 2022
Experimental Study on the Permeability Damage Mechanism of Gravel Pack Sand Control Medium in Mud Hydrate Reservoirs
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