‘Coral Beauty’ cotoneaster and Leyland cypress rooted cuttings were grown in media of all fir bark or fir bark:peat moss (1:1 by vol) and plastic containers with varying wall designs (nonporous smooth-walls, nonporous ridge-walls, or porous walls). Results Indicated no effect of the growing media shoot or root growth of either species. Shoot growth of Leyland cypress was not affected by container design. ‘Coral Beauty’ cotoneaster shoot growth was greater in the porous container than in the nonporous smooth-walled container. Root Circling of both species was greatest in the nonporous smooth-walled containers. Ridges in the nonporous ridge-wall containers generally directed roots to grow downward where some circling at the bottom of the root ball occurred. When roots in the porous walled containers reached the periphery of the root ball they stopped growing, resulting in a fine, fibrous root mass at the periphery of the rootball.

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Horticulture/Landscape Architecture paper No. 91-34.

2Research Technologist and Associate Professor.