Aspidistra elatior ‘Variegata’ plants were grown for 3.75 years in containers under 63% or 73% shade and fertilized with controlled release fertilizer at rates equivalent to 448, 896, 1344 or 1792 kg N/ha (400, 800, 1200 or 1600 lb N/A) per year. Yield of variegated, but not all-green, leaves was greater under 63% than under 73% shade. Combined yield of green and variegated leaves produced under 63% shade was 42% greater by weight and 47% greater by number than under 73% shade. Fertilizer rate did not affect total yield and neither fertilizer rate nor shade level affected the percent of total leaf production that was green. Leaves were harvested August 1990, January 1991, November 1991 and March 1993 for vase life determinations. Harvested leaves were stored for one week at 4C (40F) and evaluated under indoor conditions of 23 ± 2C. (74 ± 4F), 60 ± 16% relative humidity and 12-hour photoperiod at 17 μmol·m−2·S−2 (107 ft-candles). Treatments did not affect vase life except at a winter harvest when 63% shade-produced leaves lasted 14% longer than 73% shade-produced leaves. Average overall vase life for each of four harvests ranged from 22 to 34 days.

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Florida Agricultural Experiment Stations Journal Series No. R-03459.

2Professor of Environmental Horticulture and Extension Cut Foliage Specialist.