Several species of large, established landscape shrubs were treated with different concentrations of Cutless (flurprimidol) or label concentrations of Atrimmec (dikegulac) or Trim-cut (mefluidide). Length of new shoots decreased with increasing rates of Cutless for ‘Convexa’ holly, ‘Hetzi’ juniper, Japanese cleyera, ‘Manhattan’ euonymus, thorny elaeagnus, and yaupon holly, but for most species the Cutless treatments were not as effective as Atrimmec. The 5000 ppm Cutless foliar spray was the most effective treatment for Manhattan euonymus but Atrimmec was more effective on thorny elaeagnus, ‘Convexa’ holly, yaupon holly, and Japanese cleyera. Trim-cut (1600 ppm) reduced growth of thorny elaeagnus and ‘Convexa’ holly, but not as much as Atrimmec (5000 ppm).

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