Single-leader, container-grown Photinia × fraseri Dress were selected for height uniformity and left unpruned(UN), pruned to 4 nodes with leaves (4NL), 8 nodes with leaves (8NL), or pruned to 8 nodes with all leaves removed (8N). Visible buds were present following pruning at all nodes. Unpruned (UN) plants produced only 1.9 breaks per plant; 4NL-4.0 breaks; and 8NL-7.1 breaks. The 8N plants developed short lateral breaks, but these died by the fourth week. All plants in the 8N treatment were dead at the termination of the experiment. The UN plants produced 39 cm (15.4 in) of new shoot growth; 4Nl-46 cm (18in), and 8NL-60 cm (23.6 in). Quality of 4NL and 8NL plants was excellent.

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2Professor of Horticulture.