Tolerance of ornamental grasses to preemergence herbicides commonly-used in nursery crop production and turfgrass maintenance was evaluated in container studies. Gallery controlled the broadleaf weeds tested but did not control large crabgrass. Surflan at 2.2 kg ai/ha (2.0 lb ai/A) controlled all weeds except rice flatsedge. Pennant at 2.2 kg ai/ha (2.0 lb ai/A) controlled rice flatsedge but not eclipta. Pendulum, Ronstar, Barricade and OH2 also did not control eclipta at the lower use rate. Although growth suppression and stand reduction was observed in certain herbicide/ornamental grass combinations, the species tested generally exhibited good tolerance to the chemicals tested. Ornamental grass tolerance improved by the second herbicide application. After two applications, no rate of Surflan, Pendulum, or Barricade caused a significant reduction in growth of any of the five ornamental grass species tested.

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2Professor of Weed Science.