Visions of the future for container nursery irrigation were collected from twelve nursery irrigation scientists, growers and nursery organization leaders. The amount of water available for nursery irrigation unanimously is forecasted to decline over the next decade. Along with declining availability, the cost of water for irrigation is predicted to increase substantially for most nurseries. Limited availability, higher direct cost, and irrigation runoff issues are projected to compel the container nursery industry to adopt procedures and technology that will increase irrigation water use efficiency. Evidence in support of these prognoses, current solutions and suggested options are discussed.

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Supported by the Florida Agricultural Experiment Station and approved for publication as Journal Series No. R-09705.

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6Horticultural Resource Manager, Wight Nursery/Monrovia Growers, PO Box 390, Cario, GA 39828-0390.

7Executive Director, Tampa Wholesale Growers Association, 1311 S. Parsons Ave., Seffner, FL 33584-4573.

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