An experiment was conducted in 2005 and repeated in 2006 to determine the influence of mulch products and controlled release fertilizer (CRF) placement on irrigation and nutrition requirements of container-grown crops. Hydrangea (Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Fasan’ and ‘Endless Summer’) were grown in 2.7 liter (#1) containers with CRF placed above or below the mulch. Non-mulched controls were also maintained. Mulch products included geotextile discs, coco discs, plastic discs, hazelnut shells, sawdust, Biotop, and crumb rubber. Hydrangea growth, plant quality, foliar color, and foliar nutrition were measured, as well as water loss from containers. Controlled release fertilizer placed below mulch resulted in larger plants with higher quality ratings and foliar N levels compared to CRF placed above the mulch, and similar or superior size, quality and foliar N compared to non-mulched containers. After correcting for differences in plant size, there were few and minor differences in water loss from hydrangea between mulched and non-mulched containers.

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