We evaluated the germination and growth of Coronilla varia (crown vetch), Lotus corniculatus (birdsfoot trefoil), Medicago lupulina (black medic), Kochia scoparia (kochia) and Polygonum aviculare (prostrate knotweed) at different NaCl concentrations. No reduction of germination was observed in the five species studied for all concentrations of NaCl. High concentrations of NaCl in the soil adversely affected the growth of L. corniculatus and M. lupulina, but not of the other species. For P. aviculare, germination and growth was better with higher salt concentrations.

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Author notes

We thank Ms J. Bruneau and L. Dumont for their technical work and Ms H. Levert for typing the manuscript.

2Botanists, Montreal Botanical Garden, Montreal, Canada.