These data, analyzed by different size population centers, show that there is a relationship between the effectiveness of different media vehicles and the size of the population center in which a garden center is located. In large metro areas (500K +), customer mailings, poster advertising specials, and radio are most effective; in small metro locations (lOO–499K), the most effective vehicles are customer mailings, poster advertising specials, posters in the store, and radio; in large cities/towns (50–99K), the optimum choices are posters in the store, poster advertising specials, neighborhood newspapers, customer mailings, and radio; in small cities/towns (−50K), the best media vehicles are posters in the store and neighborhood newspapers.

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Author notes

The research reported here was supported by a grant from the Horticultural Research Institute, 1250 I Street, N.W., Suite 500, Washington, DC 20005.