Field and container experiments were conducted to evaluate Gallery (isoxaben) efficacy on several common nursery and landscape weeds. Gallery was applied at rates from 0.14 to 1.1 kg ai/ha (0.125 and 1 lb ai/A). Annual grass control with Gallery generally was poor at application rates below 0.84 kg/ha (0.75 lb/A). Higher rates were needed for consistent foxtail and annual bluegrass control. Gallery controlled most broadleaf weeds at ≤0.56 kg/ha (0.5 lb/A) in field soil and a soilless potting medium. The exception was velvetleaf, which was not controlled with 1.1 kg/ha (1 lb/A). Combining Gallery with Surflan (Snapshot) at 1.1 + 3.4 kg/ha (1 + 3 lb/A) provided excellent control of all weeds tested. Equivalent weed control was obtained with a tank mix of Gallery plus Surflan at 0.28 + 3.4 kg/ha (0.25 + 3 lb/A) in 1989, suggesting that when used in combination with Surflan the rate of Gallery may be reduced relative to the comparable Snapshot rate, without sacrificing weed control.

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2Assistant Professor, Department of Floriculture and Ornamental Horticulture, Cornell University; and Extension Weed Scientist, Cornell University, Long Island Horticultural Research Lab, Riverhead, NY, resp.