Thirty-two container nurseries were surveyed concerning weed management strategies. Handweeding costs ranged from $608–$1401/ha ($246–$567/acre), with hourly wages paid for handweeding ranging from $3.53 to $3.97/hour. Nurseries averaged 3 applications of preemergence applied herbicides annually. Primary herbicides applied were OH-2 (oxytluorfen + pendimethalin), Rout (oxytluorfen + oryzalin) and Ronstar (oxadiazon). Problem weeds identified by the participants were prostrate spurge (Euphorbia supina Raf.), oxalis (Oxalis sp.), eclipta (Eclipta alba (L.) Hasskarl) and nutsedge [Cyperus esculentus L. (yellow) and C. rotundus L. (purple)]. Weed control material used under containers varied with the nursery size.

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