NaCl at 0.15 N was applied 3 times per week as a soil drench or foliar spray to established container-grown plants of Leyland cypress [× Cupressocyparis leylandii (A. B. Jacks. & Dallim.) Dallim. & A. B. Jacks.] and red-tip photinia (Photinia × fraseri Dress ‘Birmingham’). Soil-salt applications were more injurious than spray applications. Leyland cypress did not develop necrosis, but dry weights of plants drenched with salts were reduced. Photinia leaves were necrotic in both salt treatments but dry weight was reduced only with plants receiving soil salts. Tissue Na levels did not reflect the degree of injury while Cl levels correlated with injury. Leyland cypress displayed high salt tolerance and red-tip photinia low tolerance.

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2Professor of Horticulture.